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Thread: 3G VSWR Check

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    On direct console you can use 'lh ru fui get vswr'.

    On old Moshell versions you can use 'cabx', but that option has been deprecated and the new one is the 'inv' command, adding what you want to see. In my case I use 'invxr'.

    Moshell has a built-in help that can show you the usual commands, but here you have an extract of the help file:

    h : HW information only.
    x : HW, CPRI, and RF information (TX/RX/VSWR and RU to Cell mapping)
    xf : same as "x" but without CPRI.
    xu : same as "x" but without RF (only UEs)
    xt : same as "x" but without RF nor temperature.
    xa : same as "x" but with RU mapping to Antenna/TMA/RET instead of Cell
    xaf : same as "x" but with RU mapping to both Cell and Antenna/TMA/RET
    xtaf: same as "xaf" but without TX/RX/VSWR/temperature (quicker)
    l : licensing information only (feature and capacity licenses)
    p : show CPU load of the PlugInUnits: obsolete, replaced by command "lh all procload".
    r : re-read the inventory data from the node.
    c : print the tables in CSV format
    b : show receiver BER values in the CPRI tables
    g : display graphical view of CPRI and RF connection (RBS/ERBS/MSRBS)

    You should know that in recent SW node versions we've seen that 'cabx' lacks a lot of information, which it can't retrieve from the node. Seems like a new Moshell version (19 and such) is needed for the complete information to be displayed.

    Good luck!

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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i use invxr DUW/Baseband/DUS

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