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Thread: RBS 6601 DUL Core MP stopped error

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    Try to run a DCG and
    send it to support

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool_engineer View Post
    I am trying to load a CV that was generated in a DUL with R29 into a DUL that is running R32. *When I reload the site, I get the following error:

    Core MP stopped due to too many restarts and no rollback is possible.

    How can I port a CV properly to get around this error. *I do not want to redo the config from scratch.

    When any DU starts it loads a basic SW package embedded on the HW (the one you get for example while you use a 'reload --' on console), then it reads the cv.ptr file on the disk to know which CV it has to load, looks for that CV then loads it.

    For a full restoring to work, the SW version loaded on the node and the SW version of the CV have to match.

    When for any reason the node is unable to start with the CV specified on cv.ptr it will try again (as many times as defined/usually 5), then it will try the rollback CVs if any are available (specified on another file on the node root filesystem).
    If EVERYTHING fails, the node falls to a Core MP stop (with the console warning you see), then stays on the basic console SW (with limited functions).

    You can always know the SW version of your CV by opening it on any decompressor (for example Winrar), and looking at the upftpput file (for example Look at the end of that file name and you will see your CV SW version, then make sure it matches the SW you got.
    Do a reintegration with those packages (CV+stock SW) then try later to UPGRADE the node with the new SW version.

    I've never seen any CV work on a later SW version: you are stuck on using a full SW version match.
    Of course you can try to fool the node by changing manually the CV version on every single file of that CV, editing the XML and config files, but that probably won't work as new SW versions have different variable names and package filenames.

    So, stick to the usual restoring procedure using your CV and the SW version matching that CV, then force an upgrade to the node.

    Good luck.

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