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Thread: 2G_3G KPI formula forNSN_Siemens_Huawei and Ericsson

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    Post 2G_3G KPI formula forNSN_Siemens_Huawei and Ericsson

    Here you can see the list of all 2G and 3G KPI formula with counters for all vendors like NSN, Ericsson, Siemens and Huawei for comparison.

    This may help you in your swap project for KPI mapping/Comparison between different vendors.

    The attached file contains formulas like....

    2G Formulas

    TCH andSDCCH Drop, HOSR, TCH and SDCCH blocking, TBF Establishment success rate, TBF completion rate, GPRS and EDGE throughput, FR and HR traffic, GRPS and EDGE UL/DL payload, Cell Utilization etc.

    3G Formulas

    HSDPA Accessibility Success Rate, RRC Establishment Fail Rate, RAB Establishment Fail Rate CS and PS, DRD Success Rate, CCSR CS Voice/Video/PS, HSDPA Ret. SR, RAB Drop Rate PS and CS, ISHO Success Rate, SHO Success Rate, HSDPA cell average throughput, Call Attempt Voice/Video/PS, IuCS Utilization etc.

    Download to find more....

    2G-3G KPI formulas for NSN-Huawei-Ericsson-Siemens.rar

    Also know how to do 2G/3G optimization....

    2G KPI Analysis & Check List For Improvement
    UMTS Performance Troubleshooting

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    Hi Thanks for this info. Very useful.
    I need formulas and thresholds for:
    For 2G Voice and Data (GPRS/EDGE)
    Do you have it?

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    dear sir
    I need KPI formula for CDR for different vendors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santconnect View Post
    Need A-interface specific KPI in GSM. If anybody can help.

    In there are a few measurements you can make in A-interface. And it will depend on the type of interface you have working, TDM or IP. Measurements are oriented to circuits state (configured, idle, blocking, faulty) in the case of traditional TDM-A, and for AoIP you can monitor payload, packets lost, congestion. And you will probably find counters related to paging, no matter of the transport type.

    Here you have a guide you can use for reference:

    ************************************************** ****************
    ************************************************** ****************
    - A-Interface Circuit Measurement

    A Interface Usage TDM
    Mean number of uninstalled circuits on the A interface
    Mean number of faulty circuits on the A interface
    Mean number of circuits in maintenance state on the A interface
    Mean number of idle circuits on the A interface
    Mean number of busy circuits on the A interface
    Mean number of circuits with uninstalled peer on the A interface

    - GSM A-Interface Trunk Performance Measurement

    Average busy time of A interface Ts(s)
    Average busy time of Ts2(s)
    Average busy time of Ts3(s)
    Average busy time of Ts4(s)
    Average busy time of Ts5(s)
    Average busy time of Ts6(s)
    Average busy time of Ts7(s)
    Average busy time of Ts8(s)
    Average busy time of Ts9(s)
    Average busy time of Ts10(s)
    Average busy time of Ts11(s)
    Average busy time of Ts12(s)
    Average busy time of Ts13(s)
    Average busy time of Ts14(s)
    Average busy time of Ts15(s)
    Average busy time of Ts16(s)
    Average busy time of Ts17(s)
    Average busy time of Ts18(s)
    Average busy time of Ts19(s)
    Average busy time of Ts20(s)
    Average busy time of Ts21(s)
    Average busy time of Ts22(s)
    Average busy time of Ts23(s)
    Average busy time of Ts24(s)
    Average busy time of Ts25(s)
    Average busy time of Ts26(s)
    Average busy time of Ts27(s)
    Average busy time of Ts28(s)
    Average busy time of Ts29(s)
    Average busy time of Ts30(s)
    Average busy time of Ts31(s)

    ************************************************** ****************
    ************************************************** ****************
    Number of MSC-initiated CS paging requests
    Number of SGSN-initiated CS paging requests
    Number of MSC-Initiated Paging Requests (IMSI)
    Number of MSC-Initiated Paging Requests (TMSI)
    Number of SGSN-Initiated PS Paging Requests

    Hope this can be of help.

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