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Thread: White paper on LTE Backhaul Requirements Reality Check

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    White paper on LTE Backhaul Requirements Reality Check

    This whitepaper is on LTE BACKHAUL REQUIREMENTS.

    Having estimated the LTE radio cell or sector peak data throughput, we can look at realistic cell site backhaul requirements. Each LTE cell site typically combines three LTE radio sectors into one macro site. The backhaul network connects to it via the S1 interface as specified in R8.This is a logical IP interface split into a user session (S1-U) and control traffic part (S1-MME).

    Because LTE handsets are statistically distributed within the three radio sectors and not downloading at maximum peak rates all the time, backhaul capacity can be split and overbooked among individual sectors. The busier a macro cell is, the lower this overbooking factor needs to be. For low usage sites, the factor can be safely increased. Existing backhaul transmission networks for 3G, CDMA and WiMAX have shown that factors between two to five
    work quite well.

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