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Thread: R&S - LTE Cell Search and Selection

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    Post R&S - LTE Cell Search and Selection

    This is a doc from R&S describing the procedure of cell search and selection


    1. LTE cell search and cell selection procedure

    • LTE Initial Access
    • Initial synchronization
    • Step I – Primary Synchronization Signal
    • Step II – Secondary Synchronization Signal (SSS)
    • Broadcast of essential system information in LTE
    • PBCH and MIB
    • Difference between LTE FDD and TD-LTE
    • Cell selection and reselection criteria

    2. R&S test solutions for LTE, focus cell search and selection

    • Why test cell search and selection performance?
    • Downlink signal generation
    • Downlink signal analysis
    • R&SŪ CMW500 – UMTS LTE Protocol Tester
    • PHY scenarios – Physical Layer Testing
    • Cell selection and reselection according to 3GPP TS 36.523 Part 1
    • Cell selection and reselection according to 3GPP TS 36.521 Part 3

    Download to read more....

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