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Thread: GSM KPI monitoring and improvement guide

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    GSM KPI monitoring and improvement guide

    Good document about improvement GSM KPI's, this document contain:

    1 Overview
    2 KPI Monitoring and Optimization
    2.1 Recommended KPIs for Monitoring
    2.2 Measurements Correlating with KPI
    2.2.1 Measurements Related to TCH Drop Rate
    2.2.2 Measurements Related to Handover Success Rate
    2.2.3 Measurements Related to Congestion
    2.2.4 Measurements Related to TBF Call Drop Rate
    3 Evaluation Standard of KPI Monitoring
    3.1 KPI Monitoring Standards
    3.1.1 KPIs Specified in the Contract
    3.1.2 Default Bottom Line in the Guide
    3.2 Default KPI Bottom Line
    3.2.1 KPI Bottom-Line Concept
    3.2.2 Correlation of Bottom Line
    3.2.3 Default KPI Red Line
    3.2.4 Suggested KPI Selection for Field Monitoring
    3.3 Requirements for KPI Monitoring Data
    3.3.1 Credibility of KPI Monitoring Data
    3.3.2 Suggested Collection Period of KPI
    4 Strategy of KPI Monitoring and Optimization
    4.1 Methods for KPI Monitoring and Optimization
    4.2 Monitoring and Optimization of Network-Level KPI
    4.3 Monitoring and Optimization of Cluster-level KPI
    4.4 Selection of TopN Bad Cells
    5 Analysis on KPI Monitoring and Optimization
    5.1 Analysis on the Availability of the CS Domain
    5.2 Analysis on the Resources Utilization in the CS Domain
    5.2.1 SDCCH Congestion Rate
    5.2.2 TCH Congestion Rate
    5.3 Analysis on the Call Drop Rate in the CS Domain
    5.4 Analysis on the Handover Success Rate
    5.5 Analysis on the Accessibility of the CS Domain
    5.6 Analysis on the Paging Success Rate in the CS Domain
    5.7 Analysis on the Accessibility of the PS Domain
    5.7.1 TBF Congestion Rate
    5.7.2 PDCH Allocation Success Rate
    5.7.3 TBF Establishment Success Rate
    5.8 Analysis on the TBF Drop Rate in the PS Domain
    5.9 Analysis on the TBF Retransmission Rate in the PS Domain
    6 Implementation of KPI Monitoring on NASTAR
    6.1 Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report of NASTAR GSM
    6.2 Network Monitoring Report (CS Services)
    6.3 PCU Monitoring Report
    6.4 Exporting and Analysis of the Bad Cells
    6.5 Comprehensive Analysis on the GSM Network Expansion
    7 Summary

    for detail please view the attach file

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    dear sir
    I need KPI formula for CDR for different vendors.

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    nice info for kpi imporvementssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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