China Telecom and China ComService are planning to expand their business in Brazil and Latin America. Both the companies announced their plans through a corporate seminar and opening ceremony held on Monday in Sao Paulo, Brazil which was attended by over 100 guests including government officials, business partners, and senior executives from local Brazilian and Chinese multinational companies.

China and Brazil are two of the most influential forces among the world's developing nations. Both countries have strong and ever-increasing business ties. Chinese investment in Brazil was over $9 billion (R$18.5billion) in 2011, while dozens of Brazilian companies mainly in the industries of iron, oil and gas, mining and mechanical engineering have investment in China. Since 2009, China had become Brazil's biggest trading partner. Brazil's total trade with China was $77.1billion (R$158.5billion) in 2011.

China Telecom and China ComService said they are collaborating to better serve the needs of global enterprises and carriers in Brazil, and across the rest of Latin America. The newly established subsidiaries, China Telecom do Brazil and China

Communications Services do Brazil will be headquartered in Sao Paulo, and are the respective overseas branches of each company responsible for the growth and development of the business in the region. China Telecom do Brazil, which will be directly managed by China Telecom Americas, also announced the introduction of their data services product portfolio that includes International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), IP Access, IP VPN as well as fully managed data services. The company plans to further introduce Internet Data Center (IDC) and Cloud

It will provide voice wholesale services for communications between Brazil and Asia Pacific regions including China. China Telecom do Brazil will be providing world class data and voice services to Brazil based multinational companies, organizations, and international carriers and China based multinational enterprises to connect Brazil and China as well as other Asia Pacific countries.

On September 1, 2011, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Authority, Anatel issued a Multimedia Communications Service (MCS) license to China Telecom do Brazil. The company has invested millions of US dollars to complete the construction of the Sao Paulo Point of Presence (PoP) and the international network that connects to the North American global backbone network, which establishes a direct network link from South America to China. In the second half of 2012, China Telecom do Brazil will build the second network PoP in Brazil to increase network capacity and reliability.

"Brazilian companies have a growing demand to invest and establish their operations in the China market. Many companies are actively seeking an experienced partner to help them develop and deploy a business plan for success in China. For these companies, China Telecom do Brazil is among the most reliable partners," said Donald Tan, President of China Telecom Americas. "We strongly recognized the importance of Brazil and the overall Latin American market. We are committed to the development of Brazil market, which will be established as a hub of our Latin America operations that are expanding continuously. China Telecom do Brazil will also partner with the local Brazilian and Latin American telecom operators to extend our coverage of networks and services."

Meanwhile, China Communications Services do Brazil will provide its customers with one stop integrated solutions, which includes telecommunications infrastructure ("TIS") services (including design, construction and project supervision and management), business process outsourcing ("BPO") services (including maintenance, distribution of telecommunications services and products, and facilities management), and applications, content and other IT outsourcing ("ACO") services (including IT applications, Internet services and voice value added services, etc).

"The establishment of China Communications Services do Brazil is one strategic and significant practice of CCS's overseas development. For sure, in the course of providing supreme services in Brazil, China ComService would accumulate experience in improving and strengthening its service in Latin America," expressed by Xiaoyi Liu, Executive Vice President of China ComService. He also emphasized that "China Communications Services do Brazil would sincerely like to take part in the telecom development in Brazil and provide high quality services to Brazilian customers in telecommunication infrastructure construction, network maintenance and system integration by applying successful experience and technical advantages in serving Chinese domestic operators."

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