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    Post QOffset1sn

    Parameter Name: qOffset1sn

    Description: Signal strength offset between source & target cells; used when the IE “cell_selection_and_reselection_quality_measu re” in SIB 11/22 is set to “CPICH RSCP.” The offset is added to the quantity of the cell before the UE evaluates if it is better than serving cell. A positive offset will increase the size of the cell with regards to serving cell.

    Managed Object: UtranRelation, GsmRelation

    Element Manager Window:
    a)RadioNetwork/RBSs/IubLink/UtranCell/Ext. UTRAN Relations/UtranCell/Properties/
    b)RadioNetwork/RBSs/IubLink/UtranCell/UTRAN Relations/UtranCell/Properties/ Element Manager

    Parameter Name: Qoffset1 (dB)
    <Neighbour UtranCell> Qoffset1
    <Selected UtranCell> Qoffset1

    Unit: dB

    Range: -50 to 50

    Default: 1 (GsmRelation), 0 (UtranRelation)

    Recommended: 1 (GsmRelation), 0 (UtranRelation)

    Syntax: -2 : -2 dB,0 : 0 dB ,… ,50 : 50 dB

    Resolution: 1dB

    RANOS Reference: RANOS Explorer/RNC/RBS_Group/UtranCell/Adjacent cell... (Adjacent Cell Configuration Management)/Cell Relations

    Function: Cell Selection and Reselection

    Access: Read & Write

    Dependencies: Effect of Change: If the cell re-selection offset Q Offset 1sn (CPIC RSCP) or Q Offset 2sn (CPIC RSCP) between the camped cell and the desired cell is too positive, the ranking in the cell re-selection procedure of the desired cell becomes very low. If re-selection offset Q Offset 1sn (CPIC RSCP) or Q Offset 2sn (CPIC RSCP) from source cell to target cell is a positive value, the offset from the target cell to the source cell must be same value but in negative. Otherwise, the UE might repeatedly camp on them, i.e. ping-pong.

    Troubleshooting: This parameter should be investigated when the following problems are observed : Cell reselection failure (Possible cause : Improper parameter settings)
    Many intra-frequency cell-reselections (Possible cause: Inconsistent parameter settings)
    UL DPCH synch failure (Possible cause : Improper parameter settings)
    DL DPCH synch failure (Possible cause : Improper parameter settings)

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    Thanks for sharing. It's so useful.
    Let me test on my system

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