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Thread: The LTE Network Architecture - A Comprehensive Tutorial (white paper)

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    The LTE Network Architecture - A Comprehensive Tutorial (white paper)

    Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest buzzword on everyone’s lips, but are you as conversant with the LTE architecture as you would like to be, or — more importantly — need to be? Would you like to find out more about LTE, but have little time to devote to it? If so, this paper will help get you up to speed in no time.


    1. Executive summary
    2. Introduction
    3. Overall architectural overview
    3.1 The core network
    3.2 The access network
    3.3 Roaming architecture
    3.4 Interworking with other networks
    4. Protocol architecture
    4.1 User plane
    4.2 Control plane
    5. Quality of service and EPS bearers
    5.1 Bearer establishment procedure
    6. The E-UTRAN network interfaces: S1 interface
    6.1 Protocol structure over S1
    6.2 Initiation over S1
    6.3 Context management over S1
    6.4 Bearer management over S1
    6.5 Paging over S1
    6.6 Mobility over S1
    6.7 Load management over S1
    7. The E-UTRAN network interfaces: X2 interface
    7.1 Protocol structure over X2
    7.2 Initiation over X2
    7.3 Mobility over X2
    7.4 Load and interference management over X2
    7.5 UE historical information over X2
    8. Summary
    9. Abbreviations
    10. Contacts
    11. References

    Total pages: 26

    Pass: theverme

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