Turning heterogeneous 5G & Wi-Fi networks into a converged network with ATSSS

1.8 Billion 5G smartphones will be sold in the next 5 years generating 12% of total data trafficą.

As much of mobile activity is in users’ home, today’s traffic offload to Wi-Fi is more important than cellular traffic. According to Cisco, the gap will continue to widen due to 5G and should reach 71% of offload˛.

These figures demonstrate the growing importance of both networks (5G & WiFi) intended to coexist. In order to ensure seamless connectivity between these heterogeneous networks, 3GPP has defined in the forthcoming 5G Release 16 a function called ATSSS that manages the 5G & WiFi convergence.

ATSSS stands for Access Traffic Steering, Switching & Splitting. It will work as a rules engine where operators’ policies can be specified based on business drivers, technical drivers or a combination of both.

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