Casa Systems (NASDAQ:CASA), a leading provider of converged broadband infrastructure technology solutions for mobile, cable and fixed networks today announced the launch of its new Axyom™ Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) Router solution that provides advanced subscriber management and routing capabilities for fixed broadband network providers.

Built from the ground up as a cloud-native solution for both OpenStack and container-based cloud networks, Casa’s Axyom vBNG easily addresses the greater diversity of 5G broadband demands through a unique design that disaggregates network functions, streamlines packet flows, enables independent and dynamic scaling of control and data planes, and ultimately delivers superior throughput accommodating both large and distributed capacity deployments.

The vBNG is the latest addition to Casa’s 5G converged software architecture which also includes mobile (4G/5G Core and Apex small cell access solutions), Cable (vCCAP Core and Distributed Access) and Fixed (vBNG/OLT) components. Casa’s Axyom platform enables network convergence and provides the flexibility of a 5G service-based architecture for all broadband cores. Casa’s converged core solutions help service providers simplify networks and increase service agility.

Service providers can scale Casa’s Axyom vBNG in a centralized location for large capacity deployments and / or leverage Casa’s innovative disaggregated architecture to distribute the data plane processing out to the edge of their networks. It works in concert with Casa’s OLT-M NETCONF or OpenFlow based management solution and OLT-A, a high capacity OLT that flexibly supports the next generation PON access (XGS-PON or NG-PON2) networks being deployed to provide gigabit (or higher) speeds to subscribers. This innovative solution delivers higher capacity and performance and is scalable up to terabits per second.

Equally important to service providers is the ability to more efficiently offer new network services. Casa’s Axyom vBNG solution gives providers key capabilities that underpin service agility including full BNG functionality from a virtualized solution, separation of control and user planes, and flexible resource allocation. These capabilities will allow service providers to introduce 5G services such as network slicing. Casa’s vBNG includes a rich set of IPv4/v6 unicast and multicast routing and MPLS functions enabling service provides to better control and distribute intelligence to the edges of their networks. As broadband competition continues to increase, these capabilities will enable providers to differentiate themselves and give their subscribers unique, high quality experiences.

“With the launch of our new vBNG solution, Casa has taken a key step forward in the delivery of core solutions that not only allow all broadband networks to have the agility and multi-dimensional scaling needed for the 5G era but also enable convergence of fixed and mobile networks,” said Jerry Guo, CEO at Casa Systems. “These capabilities are vital as demands on broadband networks continue to grow in volume and diversity, and to meet subscriber expectations for seamless high-bandwidth service delivery.”

Casa is currently engaged in multiple trials with top tier service providers around the globe who are interested in evolving their networks to deliver better broadband experiences to their subscribers.

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