One of the exciting things on display at Qualcomm's Snapdragon tech summit was their 5G reference smartphone design – the one that gets handed around to the smartphone vendors so they can initiate their own designs. Reference platforms are usually base and ‘generally good’ all-around designs that OEMs can take as a starting point, and so Qualcomm had to address one of the main issues with 5G with its QRD: size. Thanks to the extra 5G modem and the many antennas required for mmWave frequencies, 5G requires a good deal more hardware than current 4G phones. Qualcomm's reference design, in turn, is of reasonable dimensions, and not completely out of place amongst the larger modern smartphones of today.

The 5G Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD)
The unit on display was essentially a phone with the rear panel removed and replaced with a Perspex cover, and then the whole device was in a Perspex box. Unfortunately this means that it was somewhat difficult to see inside, but we can take a look....

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