he development of sophisticated 6G of the Internet in China will begin next year. The country hopes to surpass Western countries by establishing high-speed Internet.

Китайские ученые начали разрабатывать 6G интернет

In the coming years, the country intends to actively work on 6G with coverage across the country and run the project on a commercial basis closer to 2030, informs enovosty.com/news.

Minister of information technology of China su Xin said that 6G Internet is super fast, the information will be loaded at a rate of up to 1 Tbyte/sec, at the time, as the speed of 5G Internet – 1 GB/sec. In addition, it became known that the new generation network will cover a far larger area than the previous version; the transmission of information will be at a higher altitude, 6G functions of the Internet are almost the same as the satellite Internet.

Also, the development will be complemented by the already working wireless network, so that devices that need to connect to a high speed, will get the multifunction tool in this area.

Before to start to invest in 6G, the authorities looking for potential applications where you can use the link and develop the 5G network.


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