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Thread: Ericsson CEO: 5G Wireless Networks Are 'Critical National Infrastructure'

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    Ericsson CEO: 5G Wireless Networks Are 'Critical National Infrastructure'

    icsson CEO Börje Ekholm is bullish on 5G, the nickname for next-generation cellular networks that promise faster data exchange, reduced latency, energy savings, and cost reductions. I spoke with him in September at the 2018 Mobile World Congress Americas convention in downtown Los Angeles.

    “Given that it is a digital infrastructure for countries, it becomes a critical national infrastructure,” Ekholm says. “We see all the operators here in the U.S. investing in 5G. But we see this also happening in other countries.”

    For example, China is rolling out next-generation wireless infrastructure “very fast,” Ekholm says, with a goal to complete the effort in 2020. So are Japan and South Korea. Why so hurried? “Because it impacts the economies in those countries,” the executive says.

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    5G is definitely picking up pace lately. So many operators in USA are readying their 5G portfolio. 2019 is gonna be busy.


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