Today one can not think about life without a mobile phone which of late has become the most sought after device. But today the pace of life is so hurried that people tend to forget their mobile cellphone at home or office. It becomes all the more frustrating when you urgently need information in your phone.

But here is a solution by MoMagic Technologies. The Noida based MVAS service providing company has developed a Remote Device Access (RDA), an application that allows user to fetch phonebook contacts, activate call diverts, call rejects by SMS, switch off phone remotely, activate phone lock, change the profile from silent to loud, etc.

There is a technology available that Mobile Tracker uses to find the lost phones but that can not address all the problems that the owner faces.

“Mobile Tracker (track the lost phone) is old feature and is available in many phones. So what is unique in our solution is getting information from the phone you forgot at home/office”, said Arun Gupta, CEO, MoMagic.

It only requires one to send an SMS from any phone to do all this. No hassles of internet, just a normal SMS works.

This application will be pre-loaded in the phone at factory level so no need to download the application. User just needs to activate by going in to the right menu option.

As said earlier, RDA has many in-built features.

In Remote Profile Changer specify the profile and instantly the profile changes once your phone receives the SMS. This comes very handy when phone’s profile is silent and one cannot find it in home or in office.

In Remote Call Divert user can specify a phone number on which user wants to receive the call and by receiving SMS on your phone, call divert will be activated. This allows user not to miss a single call because of a misplaced phone.

In Remote Contact Fetcher send a contact’s name to your phone from your friend’s phone and you will receive a response SMS with all the contact details so not only can receive calls through Call Divert but make one too through the information provided.

In Remote Call Reject with Auto SMS, create auto SMS response which can specific user’s temporary phone number. Call reject is activated and an auto SMS will be sent to the caller so no more worries for a misplaced phone.

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