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Thread: GSM KPIs & Rules for Optimization with Flow chart

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    Post GSM KPIs & Rules for Optimization with Flow chart

    All About GSM KPI with counter based formula and flowchart


    1. KPI list, CS

    •SDCCH Blocking (blck_5a)
    •SDCCH_Drop (sdr_1a, sdr_4)
    •CSSR, Call Setup Success Rate ( csf_11, csf_13a, csf_15)
    •TCH Blocking (blck_8i)
    •Interference, coverage
    •TCH_Drop (dcr_32a, dcr_5a)
    •HO Fails (hfr_2a)

    2. KPI list, PS

    •GPRS attach success ratio (sgsn_507, sgsn_569c)
    •PDP context activation success ratio MO (sgsn_535a)
    •Signaling problems before TBF ( pgn_3a,pgn_10, blck_21b,rach_4,rach_9)
    •TBF Failure (1-TBF Success ratio = 1 – TBF_67)
    •Throughput (trf_234, trf_236, trf_233c, trf_235b,llc_3a)
    •PS Blocking (TBF_16a,TBF_33a)
    •Cell re-selection (TBF_64)

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