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Thread: WCDMA Power Control Algorithm Analysis and Parameter Configuration Guide

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    Post WCDMA Power Control Algorithm Analysis and Parameter Configuration Guide

    In WCDMA, power control strategies that combine open-loop power control and closed-loop power control fast power control and slow power control are adopted, which can well overcome the influences of unfavorable factors such as fast fading on radio channels to guarantee the transmission quality of radio channels.

    This document contains two parts. The first part (Section 2) describes the power control process principle and the relevant protocols, and the second part (Section 3) summarizes the configuration methods and configuration values of parameters involved in power control and briefly describes the meaning of each parameter and algorithms.


    1. Analysis on Power Control Management Principle and Protocol
    • Power Control Methods for Various Physical Channels
    • Open Loop,Closed Loop, Fast Power, Slow power Power Control
    • Open Loop Power Control of PRACH
    • Power Control of Uplink Dedicated Channel DPCCH and DPDCH
    • Power Control of Downlink Private Channel DPCH
    • Power Configuration of Other Channels

    2. Power Management Parameters
    • UE Power Management Parameter
    • NodeB Power Management Parameter
    • Other parameters

    3. List of figures and Tables
    • Frame Format of Downlink Dedicated Channel
    • Fast power control
    • Setting of target SIR
    • Outer loop power control process of uplink dedicated channel
    • PRACH power control sequence
    • Basic flow of uplink power control
    • Power control process of downlink dedicated channel
    • NodeB radio link set states conversion diagram

    Download to read more....

    WCDMA RNO power_control.rar

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    very helpul for my knowledge, may god bless the one that share it. awesome

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