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  1. LTE attach procedure

    Let us discuss the LTE attach procedure in detail.

    In LTE, UE needs to register to network in order to start data services after power on. This procedure is called an attach procedure. In very short UE perform below tasks to perform attach.
    Camp on to best available cell, PSS and SSS synchronization for radio frame timing alignment, RRC connection establishment, Identification and authentication, location update, Session create request, activating default EPS bearer and UE capability ...
  2. UE Category and LTE Capable Device Stats

    Category information is used to allow the eNB to communicate effectively with all the UEs connected to it.

    The ue-Category defines a combined uplink and downlink capability as specified in 3GPP TS36.306.

    There are 8,623 LTE user devices including frequency and operator variants from 569 suppliers verified in GSA’s database (GAMBoD).

    This is over 53% higher than the number of devices GSA reported in June 2016; the number of suppliers grew ...
  3. LTE Security Architecture

    LTE security architecture defines the security mechanism for both NAS layer and AS layer. No HO related security is covered in this document.
    LTE Security Distribution

    NAS security
    • Carried out for NAS messages and belongs to the scope of UE and MME.
    • In this case NAS message communication between UE and MME are Integrity protected and Ciphered with extra NAS security header.
    AS security
    • Carried out for RRC and user plane data and belongs
  4. LTE - Mobile call drop when recieving MIB


    I'm just starting on some VoLTE analysis case study and I found this case where a call drop took place when receiving MIB after a RRCConectionReconfigurationComplete. However the process for RRCRestablishment afterwards went correctly.

    I should note that the radio conditions are rather bad .

    I hope to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance
  5. Dx 200

    If anyone one has worked over Nokia DX200 platform please let me know what is the difference between ODAD-A ,ODPU ,these are used in FDU .
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