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  1. CSFB procedures

    Hi ,

    what is the difference between these 4 CSFB procedures:

    CSFB from LTE to UMTS Based on Redirection With Measurement.
    CSFB from LTE to UMTS Based on Redirection Without Measurement.
    CSFB from LTE to UMTS Based on Handover With Measurement.
    CSFB from LTE to UMTS Based on Handover Without Measurement.

  2. LTE Security Architecture

    LTE security architecture defines the security mechanism for both NAS layer and AS layer. No HO related security is covered in this document.
    LTE Security Distribution

    NAS security
    Carried out for NAS messages and belongs to the scope of UE and MME.
    In this case NAS message communication between UE and MME are Integrity protected and Ciphered with extra NAS security header.
    AS security
    Carried out for RRC and user plane data and belongs
  3. LTE - Mobile call drop when recieving MIB


    I'm just starting on some VoLTE analysis case study and I found this case where a call drop took place when receiving MIB after a RRCConectionReconfigurationComplete. However the process for RRCRestablishment afterwards went correctly.

    I should note that the radio conditions are rather bad .

    I hope to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance
  4. SDCCH Severe Drop on Ericsson GSM Network

    Hi All,

    Am working on Ericsson GSM System, we are experiencing high SD drop on network, 30% of drops are due to Others reasons, 50% due to Low SS and 20% due to quality.

    I want to reduce the number of drops due to other reasons from 30% to 10% which will improve in terms of network. Below are refs.

    -We dont have A-ter issues (Ater utilzations is below 60%)
    -VSWR is less and few cases high
    -TCH ulitization some cells goes beyond 150%, few ...
  5. IMS Architecture and Call Flow

    Quote Originally Posted by telephonic View Post
    Dear Memeber,

    It gives fair idea bout the IMS Architecture and Basic call flow. May be helpful.
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