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  1. 3G/WCDMA interview questions and answers

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    Some useful questions/answers on 3G/WCDMA/UMTS technology like....

    • What is a typical NodeB/UE sensitivity level?
    • What is UE maximum transmit power in your link budget?
    • What is difference between dBi and dBd?
    • How does TMA work?
    • What is processing gain for CS and PS services?
    • How to calculate maximum number of users on a cell?
    • Why is Eb/No requirement lower for PS than for CS?

    And many more......

    Download to read more....
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  2. VAMOS--new era of GSM Voice

    In the late 80s the GSM technology was originally designed to efficiently support voice
    services. In 1992 the first networks were launched. Meanwhile close to 500
    commercial networks in 190 countries around the globe are in operation, i.e. GSM has
    become a globally adopted technology. Advancement throughout 20 years of
    operations have been manifold, e.g. enhancing GSM with GPRS/EDGE to support
    data services like e-mailing and web browsing. The latest remarkable ...
  3. 2G Frequency Scanning using Tems Investigastion

    Purpose : to verify the dominant serving cell by signal strength level in each BCCH ARFCN and BSIC

    1. Setup frequency scan : Click Scan Properties [ATTACH=CONFIG]1238[/ATTACH]

    2. Select channels : Tab Scanned channels -> Manual selection -> Select

    3. Setup Selected Channels (ie. BCCH ARFCN are 95-113)


    4. Decode BSIC

    5. Start Scanning : Click ...

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  4. Go Drive Test !!!

    How to drive test using by Tems Investigation for new be

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  5. How to verify intalation mistake on feeder cable to BTS using Tems (tools)

    Sometime when integration site swap many mistaken so when connecting jumper or feeder may be ever cross feeder so to checking that you can look this.

    1. Lock BCCH ARFCN each sector : Click Toolbar Lock on Channel [ATTACH=CONFIG]1224[/ATTACH] (ie. BCCH Sect 1 = 547, Sect 2 = 540, Sect 3 = 543 )


    2. Set HO Target : Equipment Properties -> Dedicated Mode -> Function -> Target HO (ie. BCCH 547, 540, 543)


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