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  1. Which Parameters helps to reduce TCH Congestion Rate?

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    Below mentioned parameters may cause TCH Congestion & also help you to reduce TCH Congestion:

    1. TCH Traffic Busy Threshold(%)
    3. SACCH Multi-Frames and Radio Link Timeout
    4. SDCCH Dynamic Adjustment
    5. RACH Min.Access Level
    6. Speech Version
    7. TCH Immediate Assignment
    8. Speech Version
    9. Fix Abis Prior Choose Abis Load Threshold
    10. Assignment Cell Load Judge Enable
    11. Flex Abis Prior
  2. Sdcch congestion rate optimization guide

    1 When SDCCH are required?
    The requests for the SDCCH in GSM are mainly made in the following two procedures:
    A. The procedure for requesting the SDCCH for services such as point-to-point calls, location updating (only SDCCH), call re-establishment, or short messages;
    B. The procedure of SDCCH handovers (including both the intra-BSC and inter-BSC handovers)

    2 Principles of SDCCH Congestion Rate:
    SDCCH congestion rate is one of the important counters ...

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  3. What is Immediate Assignment Success Rate (IASR)?

    Overview of the Immediate Assignment Success Rate :
    Immediate assignment success rate indicates the success rate of the MS accessing the signaling channel. It concerns the procedure from the MS sending a channel required message to the BTS to the MS sending an establish indication message to the network.

    Immediate assignment success rate is a key access counter. It directly reflects the success rate of the MS accessing the signaling channel and affects the user experience. ...

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  4. Downlink and Uplink DTX - Discontinuous Transmission

    What is DTX ?

    DTX is a mechanism which allows the radio transmitter to be switched off during speech pauses. The purpose is to reduce the power consumption of the transmitter, which is important for mobile phones, and to reduce the overall interference level on the radio channels, which affects the capacity of the network. In what follows, DTX operation is explained for FR only. With the other coding methods the mechanisms are quite similar and, therefore, they are not described ...
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  5. CQI (Channel Quality Indication) Reporting in LTE

    CQI (Channel Quality Indication) report is an important element of LTE and has significant impact on the system performance. There are two types of CQI report in LTE: periodic and aperiodic. The periodic CQI report is carried by PUCCH. But if the UE needs to send UL data in the same subframe as the scheduled periodic CQI report, the periodic CQI report will use the PUSCH, together with UL data transmission. This is because a UE can't transmit on both PUCCH and PUSCH simultaneously. In this case, ...
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