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  1. Huawei 2G Parameter
  2. EICC Allowed
  3. Ater signalling , GSN , SGSN , Gb link and GPRS parameters in Core N/W
  4. GSM BSS parameter guide with discription
  5. RAN Feature Activation Guide for BSC 6900
  6. Paging times and paging interval
  7. TMSI paging/IM SI paging
  8. Paging based on location area/all cell paging
  9. T3212 Timer
  10. IMSI implicit detach timer
  11. CGI configuration on the MSC side and on the BSC side
  12. RACH Min.Access Level
  13. Rxlev_access_ min
  14. Bs_ag_blks _res
  15. Bs-pamframs
  16. MS MAX Retrans
  17. Congestion ratio on SDCCH
  18. Call drop KPIs
  19. RACH Min. Access Level setting for SDCCH
  20. Random Access Error Threshold setting For SDCCH
  21. MS MAX Retrans setting for SDCCH
  22. SDCCH Dynamic Adjustment (which may increase the Congestion Ration on TCH)
  23. Use Imm_Ass Retransmit Parameter
  24. Tx-integer
  25. Random Access Error Threshold
  26. Functions That Affect the Success Rate of Call Setup (Immediate Assignment)
  27. SDCCH Call Drop Rate Definition
  28. Measurement Point of Call Drops on SDCCH
  29. BA2 Table
  30. T200 SDCCH_SAPI0, T200 SACCH SDCCH, T200 SDCCH_SAPI3, and N200 of SDCCH
  31. TCH Availability Definition
  32. Measurement point of Failed Assignments (No Channel Available):
  33. Cell reselection parameters
  34. Assignment Cell Load Judge Enable
  35. Directed Retry Load Access Threshold
  36. Cell Direct Try Forbidden Threshold
  37. Directed retry for TCH Congestion
  38. SDCCH dynamic adjustment fo TCH Cong.
  39. TCH Assignment Success Rate Huawei Affecting Parameter
  40. Call Reestablishment Forbidden
  41. RACH Busy Threshold
  42. Mcc
  43. Mnc
  44. A Interface Tag
  45. Um Interface Tag
  46. Abis Interface Tag
  47. Support Cell Broadcast
  48. Support Voice TFO
  49. Support High Frequency Band
  50. NTP Server
  51. BSC Capacity (TRXs)
  52. Maximum BHCA in a BSC
  53. Maximum Number of 2 Mbit/s Trunk Ports
  54. Maximum Number of 64 Kbit/s Signaling Links
  55. Number of PCUs
  56. Number of Occupied 2 Mbit/s Trunk Ports
  57. Number of Occupied 64 Kbit/s Signaling Links
  58. MSC Pool Function Enabled
  59. NRI Length(Bit)
  60. MSC Pool Load Balancing Algorithm Selection
  61. BSS General Strategy
  62. Options for BTS Local Switch
  63. Options for BSC Local Switch
  64. Start Abis Threshold for BTS
  65. Start Ater Threshold for BSC
  66. Inner Flow Control Allowed
  67. Inner Flow Control Discard Begin Threshold
  68. Inner Flow Control Window Size
  69. Inner Flow Control Discard All Threshold
  70. Prefer Variable Bitmap Code
  71. Send Downlink Message after Hanging up
  72. Start Pg Arrival Ctrl
  73. Pg State Period(ms)
  74. Bs_ag_blk_res
  75. T3101(ms)
  76. Pg Max Message Number In Period
  77. Start Channel Request Arrival Ctrl
  78. Channel Request Stat Period(ms)
  79. Channel Request CS Domain Max Message Number In Period
  80. Paging Message Classifing Allowed
  81. Cell Broadcast No Msg Timer(s)
  82. Cell Broadcast Handshake Timer(s)
  83. T1(s)
  84. T4(s)
  85. T13(s)
  86. T17(s)
  87. T18(s)
  88. T19(s)
  89. T20(s)
  90. Abis Flow Control Timer 1(s)
  91. Abis Flow Control Timer 2(s)
  92. IMSI Paging Timer
  93. Receive MSC Config. Msg. Timer
  94. Flow Control Timer Length Between BM and TC(ms)
  95. Receive SGSN Config. Msg. Timer(min)
  96. Support Auto Obtaining of BTS Logs
  97. problem encounter while downloading docs
  98. Support Auto Check of BTS Connection Port
  99. CB Interface Handshake
  100. MAX BSC Reset Message Retransmission on A-Interface
  101. MAX Retrans Reset Circle Message on A-Interface
  102. MAX Retrans Maintenance Message on Pb-Interface
  103. Sent Confusion Message to MSC
  104. Support Send 2 QUATER Flag
  105. Send 3G Class Flag
  106. Support NR_of_FDD_cells Writing
  107. Support Record Discarded Paging Msg particularly
  108. Disconnect Handover Protect Timer(s)
  109. Directed Retry AssFail Send Enable
  110. SpeechVer In SDCCH Ho Req Ack
  111. Cell List Send Flag In Ass Cmp
  112. CicPool Send Flag In Ass Cmp
  113. Power Boost Technology (PBT)
  114. Transmit Diversity
  115. CicPool Send Flag In Ho Req Ack
  116. ChosenCh Send Flag In Ass Cmp
  117. SpeechVer Send Flag In Ass Cmp
  118. ChosenEncrypAlo Send Flag In AssCmp
  119. CicPool Send Flag In Ass Fail
  120. CicPoolList Send Flag In Ass Fail
  121. ChosenCh Send Flag In Ho Req Ack
  122. ChosenEncrypAlg Send Flag In Ho Req Ack
  123. SpeechVer Send Flag In Ho Req Ack
  124. CicPool Send Flag In Ho Fail
  125. CicPoolList Send Flag In Ho Fail
  126. ChosenCh Send Flag In Ho Perform
  127. ChosenEncrypAlg Send Flag In Ho Perform
  128. SpeechVer Send Flag In Ho Perform
  129. ChosenEncrypAlg Send Flag In Cipher Cmp
  130. Support Half Rata Data Service
  131. Immediately Assign TCH to MOC
  132. Immediately Assign TCH to MTC
  133. Classmark Enquiry With 3G Request
  134. Thailand Cipher Algorithm 0
  135. Thailand Cipher Algorithm 1
  136. Thailand Cipher Algorithm 2
  137. Speech Version Protocol Expand
  138. Channel Rate Type Decode Expand
  139. Modify Special Failure Cause
  140. TCH Rate Modify
  141. Send System Information 2ter
  142. Send System Information 5ter
  143. Emlpp Priority In Paging
  144. TER Indicator of System Information 3
  145. CM3 Modification in Paging Response
  146. Response on out-BSC Ho Req
  147. First User Type
  148. First User Identity
  149. Second User Type
  150. Second User Identity
  151. Ater Connection Path Index
  152. Start Sub-Timeslot of Ater Connection Path
  153. End Sub-Timeslot of Ater Connection Path
  154. GDPU Subrack No.(TC)
  155. Transmit Diversity
  156. Cell tracing Feature
  157. Network Assisted Cell Change (NACC)
  158. Inactive Period of Extended Uplink TBF(ms)
  159. ibca and vamos features in Huawei
  160. paging enhancement in huawei
  161. Cell Load Management by HO - Huawei 2G
  162. Huawei BSC Counter Reference
  163. Enhancement Packet Loss Concealment
  164. Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) in Huawei
  165. Wideband Adaptive Multi Rate Feature in Huawei
  166. Dynamin channel conversion
  167. Imsi based handover
  168. Gsm dynamic power sharing
  170. HO Control Switch
  171. TA HO Watch Time(Num of MR)(0.5s)
  172. TA HO Valid Time(0.5s)
  173. BQ HO Watch Time(0.5s)
  174. BQ HO Valid Time(0.5s)
  175. HCS HO Watch Time(0.5s)
  176. HCS HO Valid Time(0.5s)
  177. Interfere HO Static Time(0.5s)
  178. Interfere HO Valid Time(0.5s)
  179. Better Cell Handover Enable
  180. Better Cell HO Watch Time(s)
  181. Better Cell HO Valid Time(s)
  182. IntraCell AMR TCHF-TCHH Ho Allowed
  183. IntraCell AMR TCHF-TCHH Traffic Threshold
  184. IntraCell TCHF-TCHH Ho Duration(s)
  185. IntraCell TCHF-TCHH Ho Period(s)
  186. IntraCell AMR TCHF-TCHH Ho Pathloss Adjust Step
  187. Co-MSC
  188. what is the difference between algorithm I and algorithm II in Hawauii
  189. Lag_port_fail alarm
  190. GSM Problem Guidelines
  191. PS Services Unavailable in the BSC
  192. Reducing IP Fragments on the Network by Adjusting the TCP MSS
  193. MR Preprocessing
  194. Inter-RAT Handover Success Rate Optimization Manual
  195. Huawei GTM900
  196. Call drop and TCH blocking-Short and quick Analysis
  197. Huawe BSC6900i R14 Parameter Reference
  198. Impact of N200 disabled in network
  199. SACCH Multi-Frames and RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN parameter
  200. GSM BSS Network KPI HOSR manual
  201. Optix PTN 910
  202. How to find the abnormal terminal which cause the UL EGPRS TBF
  203. Handover II
  204. GSM PS Session KPIs based on DT logs
  205. TCH immediate assignment
  206. huawei database
  207. huawe parser
  208. huawei nastar
  209. huawei alarms parser
  210. wcdma neighbours tool
  211. Ericson frequency planning tools
  212. mapinfo tools kpi plot
  213. lte documentaton
  214. wdma genex nastar
  215. last version of geex nastar gsm
  216. Lte pci planning