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  1. GSM Architecture and Air interface
  2. White Paper on LTE physical layer
  3. An E-book on Handover
  4. E-book on UMTS/WCDMA
  5. RF Propagation EBOOK from John Wiley
  6. Cwna study guide
  7. The benefits of using LTE in Digital Dividend Spectrum
  8. WCDMA planning and optimization aspects
  9. HSDPA Test and Measurement Requirements
  10. Umts performance measurement
  11. An E-Book on Layer-3 Messages/Specification in GSM
  12. GSM & UMTS - The Creation of Global Mobile Communication
  13. Umts radio network planning & automated optimization
  14. UMTS Network Planning Optimization and Inter Operation with GSM
  15. ATOLL Ver. 2.8.2 Radio Planning & Optimization - Tech. Ref. Manual Part 2/2
  16. ATOLL Ver. 2.8.2 Radio Planning & Optimization - Tech. Ref. Manual Part 1/2
  17. WCDMA (UMTS) Deployment E-book for Planning and Optimization Aspects
  18. Wireless crash course
  19. performance evoluation of vertical hand overs between UMTS and WLAN
  20. E-Book on LTE Advanced
  21. What is LTE Advanced?
  22. 4G Roadmap and Emerging Communication Technologies
  23. Gsm & umts network migration into lte network
  24. IP for 4G
  25. Introduction to Smart Antennas
  26. 3G Evolution: HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband
  27. Mobile Broadband - Including WiMAX and LTE
  28. Wiley.Femtocells
  29. Wiley.Next.Generation.Networks.Perspectives.and.Po tentials
  30. Wireless A to Z
  31. HSDPA radio network planning
  32. Rekayasa Trafik Telekomunikasi
  33. Femtocells: Technologies and Deployment
  34. From GSM to LTE: An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile Broadband
  35. Answering Tough Interview Questions
  36. Understanding Cellular Radio
  37. SC-FDMA by Hyung G. Myung
  38. LTE/LTE-Advanced Cellular Communication Networks
  39. Lte Signalling and Troubleshooting
  40. [2009] - Cambridge.LTE.For.4G.Mobile.Broadband
  41. LTE for UMTS - OFDMA and SC-FDMA based Radio access
  42. [2009] - John Wiley & Sons - Beyond 3G – Bringing Networks, Terminals and the Web
  43. HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS from Harri Holma and Antti Toskala
  44. 3G Long-term Evolution (LTE) and System Architecture Evolution (SAE) [Nov. 2010]
  45. Designing a Wireless Network
  46. LTE Signaling, Troubleshouting and Optimization
  47. Cell Planning with Capacity Expansion in Mobile Communications - A Tabu Search Approa
  48. Concepts of High Speed Downlink Packet Access - HSDPA
  49. WCDMA - HSDPA principals
  50. W-CDMA and cdma2000 for 3G Mobile Networks
  51. Network Optimization ISSUE1.4
  52. Les_relais_gsm french
  53. Projet Technique (Planification de réseau cellulaire) french
  54. Wireless Communications Andrea Goldsmith_ Stanford University
  55. Course book-WCDMA for UMTS RAdio Access for 3G Mobile Comm
  56. Telecom Networks Ebook
  57. Wimax ebook
  58. UMTS Systems Overview
  59. Lte specrtrum stategic
  60. Actix Cellopt AFP User Guide
  61. Wireless Communications by andrea goldsmith
  62. Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications
  63. 3G Handset and Network Design
  64. Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications
  65. Microwave engineering-David M POZAR
  66. Pocket guides For SS7, Sigtran & SIP
  67. RF Planning Bible from Telenor
  68. LTE security ebook
  69. E-book on Understanding LTE and its Performance
  70. Tutorial on Basic Link Budget Analysis
  71. Ericsson ALEX serv R13.2
  72. LTE and the Evolution to 4G wireless - Design and measurement challenges
  73. LTE-The UMTS Long Term Evolution_From theory to practice
  74. HSPA Performance and Evolution, A Practical Perspective
  75. Newton,s Telecom Dictionary
  76. Wireless Telecom Faqs by clint smith
  77. E-book: LTE, LTE-Advanced and WiMAX: Towards IMT-Advanced Networks
  78. 3G RAN Optimisation Actions
  79. 3G RAN Optimisation Actions
  80. MAC scheduler for LTE
  81. E-UTRA RACH within the LTE system
  82. [ebook ]Bulletproof Wireless Security - GSM, UMTS, 802.11, and Ad Hoc Security
  83. [ebook] Cambridge.LTE.For.4G.Mobile.Broadband.Apr.2009
  84. Motorola Course Materials - CP02/CP13
  85. Cdma Mobile Radio Design
  86. White Paper: Inter-System Cell Reselection Parameter Optimization in UMTS
  87. Efficient Methods for WCDMA Radio Network Planning and Optimization
  88. WCDMA for UMTS - Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications
  89. Radio Resource Management Strategies in UMTS
  90. Radio Network Planning and Optimisation for UMTS, 2nd Edition
  91. HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS: High Speed Radio Access for Mobile Communications
  92. Signaling in Telecommunication Networks, 2nd Edition
  93. UMTS and Mobile Computing
  94. Wireless Technician’s Handbook 2 Ed.
  95. Mapinfo trainig
  96. Indoor Radio Planning A Practical Guide for GSM, DCS,UMTS and HSPA
  97. Indonesia Frequency Spectrum Alocation 2010
  98. Handphones and Planes
  99. Antennas Basic-By Kathrein
  100. Whitepaper on LTE Release 12 and Beyond
  101. Basic Networking Books for Beginnes
  102. Radio interface system planning for gsm/gprs/umts
  103. HSDPA/HSUPA Handbook (2011)
  104. Radio Wave Propagation for Telecommunication Applications (2005)
  105. UMTS UTRAN signalling
  106. UMTS Courses from Qualcomm
  107. WCDMA (UMTS) HSDPA: Protocols and Physical Layer - From Qualcomm University
  108. Understanding LTE and its Performance (2011)
  109. Cisco ITP Solutions Guide Book
  110. ATM Technology for Broadband Telecommunications Networks
  111. call quality measurement
  112. Roaming in Wireless
  113. Wray_Castle - LTE_Evolved_UTRAN_Engineering_Overview
  114. EDGE, HSPA, LTE The Mobile Broadband Advantage
  115. Subscriber Data Management (SDM)
  116. LTE for UMTS ( OFDMA and SC-FDMA based Radio Access)
  117. Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications
  118. Understanding.UMTS.Radio.Network.Modelling.Plannin g.and.Auto
  119. RF planning and optimization for LTE networks
  120. Testing UMTS-Assuring Conformance and Quality of UMTS User Equipment
  121. EM Documents I
  122. RF Planning and Optimization for LTE Networks
  123. 3GPP LTE & LTE Advance
  124. 4G Mobile broadband Evolution:-3GPP Release-10 and Beyond
  125. WCDMA Deployment Handbook
  126. Dimensioning of LTE Network
  127. Mobile Communication& MobileTerminal Accreditation
  128. MIMO-OFDM for LTE,WIFI and WIMAX Coherent versus Non-Coherent and Cooperative Turbo-T
  129. Implementation of a WiMAX simulator in Simulink
  130. Convergence Technologies For 3G Networks_2004
  131. Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) Ebook by Harri Holma, Jukka Hongisto, Antti Toskala
  132. RLC and MAC layer procedures for GSM
  133. Wireless Communication Electronics by Example
  134. GSM ebook
  135. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou for Mobile Devices: From Instant to Precise Positio
  136. Modern Small Antennas
  137. Antenna theory
  138. Developing practical wireless applications
  139. Introduction to LTE
  140. Demystifying LTE Backhaul - WhitePaper
  141. IEEE Communications Magazine - Jan 2014
  142. IEEE Communications Magazine - March 2014
  143. IEEE Communications Magazine - April 2014
  144. IEEE Communications Magazine - May 2014
  145. Self-Organizing Networks: Self-Planning, Self-Optimization and Self-Healing
  146. Signaling System No. 7 (SS7/C7): Protocol, Architecture, and Services
  147. Inacom - LTE from A-Z
  148. Inacon- HSPA+ Design Details and System Engineering
  149. QOS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular System
  150. GSM and Personal Communication Handbook
  151. ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers
  152. SAE and the Evolved Packet Core - Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution
  153. Telecommunication Transmission Systems 2nd Edition Robert G. Winch
  154. RF and Microwave Wireless Systems KAI CHANG Texas A&M University
  155. Microwave and RF Design - A Systems Approach Michael Steer
  156. Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit– Antenna Modules
  157. Coplanar Waveguide Circuits, Components _ Systems
  158. Wireless Mobile Internet Security, 2nd Edition
  159. LTE Self-Organising Networks (SON) Network Management Automation
  160. IP for 3G Networking Technologies for Mobile Communications
  161. Evolved Packet System (EPS) The LTE and SAE Evolution of 3G UMTS
  162. Internetworking: Technological Foundations and Applications
  163. RAN Optimization
  164. Downlink Resource Scheduling in LTE
  165. Radio Access Networks for UMTS Principles and Practice
  166. 3G & 4G Mobile Communication Systems
  167. Wcdma for umts radio access for third generation mobile communications
  168. An Introduction to LTE (4G) 2012
  169. WP_DVBHplanning_ICStelecom
  170. DVB-T2 LS document
  171. John.Wiley.and.Sons.UMTS.Performance.Measurement.S ep.2006
  172. Wiley.HSDPA.HSUPA.for.UMTS.High.Speed.Radio.Access .for.Mobile.Communications.ebook-Sp
  173. LTE Network Dimensioning Tool Using Java
  174. Ebook: LTE -Advanced Air Interface
  175. SAE and the Evolved Packet Core
  176. Erik Dahlman :4G LTE Advanced for Mobile Broadband
  177. RF Oftimation
  178. Gsm-bss-kpi analysis
  179. gsm bits1
  180. LTE services (ebook)
  181. Telecommunication switching and networks
  182. IRAT Mobility White Paper
  183. UMTS WCDMA Tutorial
  184. Signaling System No. 7 (SS7/C7): Protocol, Architecture, and Service
  185. Intro to LTE book
  186. Electrical and Mechanical Downtilt and their Effects on Pattern
  187. Radio Interface System Planning for GSM,GPRS,UMTS
  188. Circuit-switched fallback
  189. Radio Access Network Planing and Optimization
  190. IMS Concepts and Services
  191. An Introduction to LTE
  192. LTE and Wimax
  193. LTE Nuevas tendencias
  194. Sdh primer
  195. umts signaling
  196. Atoll Technical Reference ver 3.1
  197. Control Systems Engineering (Norman Nise) 3rd Ed. - SOLUTIONS MANUAL
  198. Design LTE with IPv6
  199. Artech House - Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications
  200. Introduction to Satellite Communications
  201. LTE Manual
  202. LTE Manual
  203. Umts interactive training
  204. indonesian user
  205. LTE SRVCC white paper
  206. WiFi Telephony Ebook
  207. Voice Over IP Security ebook
  208. VOIP handbook
  209. Signalling in Telecommunication Networks Ebook
  210. simulink lap matlap
  211. Transmission Systems Design
  212. LTE-A Air Interface Technology
  213. The IMS IP Multimedia Concepts and Services 3rd Edition
  214. Understandig LTE with Matlab
  215. Modelling and Dimensioning Mobile Network~From GSM To LTE
  216. An Introduction to LTE by WILEY
  217. Inacon - HSUPA Design Details and System Engineering
  218. Ebook : WiMAX_Network_Planning_and_Optimization
  219. ebook : From GSM to LTE
  220. power control CDMA
  221. Agile IMS Network Infrastructure for Session Delivery
  222. ZTE_ZXWR RNC Power Control
  223. ZTE_Cell Selection and Reselection
  224. ZTE_UMTS Handover Description
  225. LTELTE-Advanced Cellular Communication Networks
  226. ZTE_UMTS Algorithm Feature Description
  227. ZTE_KPI introductioN
  228. Gy Description in details
  229. GRX Call Flows
  230. SMS workflow
  231. GSM Networks_Protocols_Terminology
  232. GSM Radio Network Planning and Optimization
  233. IMS book
  234. GSMNetworks: Protocols,Terminology, and Implementation
  235. Optimization
  236. SIP Demystified Gonzalo Camarillo
  237. The 3G IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Second Edition Gonzalo Camarillo Ericsson, Finla
  238. The 3G IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Merging the Internet and the Cellular Worlds 2nd
  239. Essentials of LTE and LTE-A
  240. Nice PPT of Actix training in details for Analyzing & creating report for New Actix
  241. HSPA Evolution The Fundamentals for Mobile Broadband
  242. General Packet Radio Service for Security Devices
  243. 5G Mobile Communications ebook
  244. Networking protocols ebook
  245. VoLTE eBook
  246. A good GSM e-book
  247. UMTS - Planning and Optimization (eBook)
  248. GSM / UMTS / 802.11 / Ad Hoc Security
  249. Error control coding for b3g/4g wireless systems
  250. 5G Fundamentals [ E-BOOK ]