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  1. LTE Basic Concepts from Jim Zyren
  2. LTE Video Training-1
  3. Video of LTE Key Notes by Verizon Technologies
  4. Video of LTE Key Notes-2
  5. LTE Video Training-2
  6. LTE VIdeo Training-3
  7. LTE Video training-4
  8. LTE Video Training-5
  9. LTE Video Training-6
  10. LTE Video Training-7
  11. LTE Video training-8
  12. LTE Video Training-9
  13. LTE Video Training-10
  14. LTE Video Training-11
  15. LTE Video Training-12
  16. LTE Video Training-13
  17. LTE Video Training-14
  18. LTE – The UMTS Long Term Evolution From Theory to Practice
  19. Analysis of Spectrum for Future LTE Development
  20. White Paper on LTE Basics
  21. LTE Advance Tutorial
  22. What is LTE?
  23. MIMO Technologies in 3GPP LTE and LTE-Advanced
  24. Cell Search & Cell Selection in LTE
  25. Lte advance signal generation & analysis
  26. HSPA+ and LTE Executive Briefing at Dallas Tx
  27. Multi-RAT Traffic Steering-LTE (White Paper)
  28. Uplink Performance Analysis in LTE
  29. Self Optimizing Networks-Benefits of SON in LTE
  30. Interworking of gsm,edge & lte (gelte)
  31. Bridging the gap between 1xEVDO & LTE
  32. 4G LTE and IMS KPI Performance Reporting- Video tutorial
  33. LTE Security Principles
  34. Timing Advance (TA) in LTE
  35. LCS Architecture for LTE EPS
  36. Voice over LTE via Generic Access
  37. Carrier Aggregation in LTE
  38. Traffic Management in LTE (White paper by Qualcomm)
  39. LTE Call Flow- Voice over LTE
  40. LTE Air Interface (White Paper)
  41. Single Carrier FDMA in LTE
  42. Overview of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution Physical Layer
  44. Flow of LTE Attach (Moving from old MME to new MME)- LTE Location Update
  45. LTE Protocol Overview (White paper)
  46. MIMO in LTE Operation an Application Note
  47. Beyond 4G - A White Paper assessing the future of Mobile Network Evolution
  48. Planning & Optimization of LTE Network
  49. LTE BasicsTutorial
  50. ACTIX Analyzer LTE Training(2011)
  51. ATOLL WiMAX Planning Tranning(2011)
  52. LTE Design using Mentum Planet Training@2011
  53. Uplink Power Control in LTE
  54. Myths about lte
  55. What is mimo? (video tutorial)
  56. OFDM (Multi Carrier Concept)
  57. LTE Overview & Deployment Consideration- Qualcomm
  58. Lte advance- lg training document
  59. LTE Tracking Area Update Flow
  60. LTE Planning
  61. LTE Real World Performance Report
  62. Iee lte tutorials
  63. Comparison of Channel Dependent Scheduling Policies in LTE Uplink
  64. LTE The Mobile Broadband Advantage
  65. LTE RF link budget
  66. Tutorial on Basic Link Budget Analysis
  67. LTE Simulator Documentation
  68. TD-LTE Transmitter Beamforming Tests
  70. Dimensioning of LTE Network
  71. LTE: Overview and Deployment Considerations from Qualcomm
  72. LTE Air Interface Basic
  73. LTE Overview
  74. LTE protocols
  75. FDD LTE (FD-LTE) vs TDD LTE (TD-LTE) Networks
  76. The evolution to 4G cellular systems: LTE-Advanced
  77. LTE Rel-9/10 New Features
  78. Qualcomm: LTE Advanced
  79. Self Organizing Networks in Long Term Evolution
  80. LTE-Advanced (LTE-Advancedt: Three Technologies and Two Proposals)
  81. LTE Planning Principles Part II - Soft Frequency Reuse
  82. Evaluation of the Automatic Neighbor Relation Function in a Dense Urban Scenario
  83. Neighbor Cell Relation List and Physical Cell Identity Self-Organization in LTE
  84. LTE and LTE Advanced (Workshop)
  85. Introduction to LTE (Workshop)
  86. Validating Voice Over LTE end-to-end (write paper)
  87. Performance & Monetization of the Evolved Packet Core (white paper)
  88. Top 10 Considerations for a Successful EPC Deployment (white paper)
  89. LTE roaming ability analysis in the GUL interoperation scenario
  90. Interference Avoidance with Dynamic Inter-Cell Coordination for Downlink LTE System
  91. Uplink Performance Optimization in Relay EnhancedLTE-Advanced Networks
  92. help in calculating LTE SINR and Interference margin
  93. Voice and video calling over LTE (white paper)
  94. Positioning with LTE (white paper)
  95. LTE Mobile Transport Evolution (white paper)
  96. Voice and SMS in LTE (white paper)
  97. The Connected Possibilities of Mobile Broadband (white paper)
  98. lte radio planning guide
  99. Introduction to LTE - Qualcomm University
  100. LTE PHY Layer Measurement Guide
  101. Network Transition from WiMAX to LTE (white paper)
  102. 3GPP LTE Radio Link Control (RLC) Sub Layer (white paper)
  103. Heterogeneous network deployments in LTE: The soft-cell approach (white paper)
  104. Need LTE (Core Network) and WCDMA (MAC/HSDPA) docs/interview questions.
  105. Interoperable UE Handovers in LTE (white paper)
  106. Protocol Signaling Procedures in LTE (white paper)
  107. Safari on LTE
  108. LTE_Overview_Resource_Guide
  109. HSPA to LTE advanced
  110. Aircom-LTE Technology for Engineers asset
  111. LTE Basics and Networks Architecture
  112. 3GPP LTE & 3GPP2 LTE Standardization by Dr. LEE, HyeonWoo
  113. 4G network available in Cambodia?
  114. Channel Aware Class based Queue algorithm in downlink lte with cross layer QoS
  115. Qualcomm- Optimizing Mobility parameters in LTE network
  116. The evolution to 4G cellular systems - LTE-Advanced
  117. SC-FDMA by Hyung G. Myung (2008)
  118. 3GPP LTE & 3GPP2 LTE Standardization by Dr. LEE, HyeonWoo
  119. The road to 4G LTE [White paper] Part 2
  120. Circuit Switched Fallback LTE to W-CDMA
  121. SON for Femtocells in LTE and LTE advanced
  122. Voice over LTE Strategy
  123. LTE Encyclopedia
  124. LTE RAN architecture aspects
  125. LTE RF Planning Guide
  126. LTE TDD vs FDD
  127. Voice and SMS in LTE (white paper)
  128. IMS ArchItecture - The LTE user eqiIpment perspectIve (white paper)
  129. Patent & Landscape Analysis of 4G-LTE technology (white paper)
  130. Helping Norway Maximise Spectrum Resources (case study)
  131. Overview of 3GPP Release 10
  132. Overview of 3GPP Release 11
  133. Overview of 3GPP Release 9
  134. LTE in a Nutshell: White paper on physical layer
  135. PCI Planning
  136. LTE Network Deployment Strategy
  137. White Paper on LTE from Motorola
  138. Cloud RAN documents
  139. LTE Initial access - Cell search and cell selection in LTE
  140. please help me to down load doc on this site
  141. Anritsu - Understanding LTE doc
  142. LTE web sites
  143. Difference between AT&T and Verizon LTE
  144. Towards 4G: Technical Overview of LTE and WiMAX
  145. Towards 4G : Technical Overview of LTE and LTE-Advanced
  146. Towards 4G - LTE Technology & Market
  147. A Video Tutorial on Key Factors for Managing 4G LTE and IMS Performance
  148. ITU/BDT Arab Regional Workshop on “4 G Wireless Systems” - Tunisia
  149. MIMO Transmission Schemes For LTE and HSPA Networks
  150. LTE UE RF measurements
  151. Delivering Voice Using HSPA
  152. Meeting mobile broadband expectations with maximum efficiency
  153. Cell search and cell selection in UMTS LTE
  154. LTE eNodeB MAC Scheduler Interface
  155. LTE eNodeB MAC Scheduler Introduction
  156. LTE MAC Scheduler & Radio Resource Scheduling
  157. UMTS-to-LTE-Migration
  158. LTE Planning
  159. PCI(Physical Cell ID) Planning for LTE
  160. LTE Optimization doc
  161. LTE training Guide from AircomC
  162. A document on SC-FDMA from Agilent
  163. Voice over LTE via Generic Access(VoLGA) - A whitepaper
  164. Long Term Evolution (LTE) Video Presentations
  165. 3GPP LTE Channels and MAC Layer
  166. 3GPP LTE Radio Link Control (RLC) Sub Layer
  167. MIMO in LTE Operation and Measurement
  168. Webinar on Lte Introduction -Part1
  169. Webinar on LTE Key parameters and features- Part2
  170. Webinar on LTE Frame Structure- Part 3
  171. Webinar on Introduction to SCFDMA & Uplink Frame Structure - Part4
  172. Webinar on LTE Network Architecture & Protocols - Part5
  173. Webinar on mapping between logical & transport channel in LTE - Part6
  174. Webinar on Radio Procedures in LTE - Part 7
  175. Webinar on LTE_DL/UL reference signals - part 8
  176. Webinar on LTE Random Access Procedure - Part 9
  177. [Video] - LTE - Challenges of acceptance and post launch optimization
  178. OFDM Frequently Asked Questions and answers
  179. MIMO and Smart antennas for 3G and 3G Wireless systems
  180. Agilent 3GPP Long Team Evolution - An Application Note
  181. Agilent - LTE-Advanced Signal Generation and Measurement Using SystemVue
  182. White Paper on HSPA+LTE Carrier Aggregation
  183. 3GPP Release 8 - White Papers from IEEE
  184. LTE Seminar - ROHDER & SCHWARZ
  185. LTE Voice Calc in LTE Rel. 9 (Cassidian)
  186. 3GPP LTE - Introducing Single-Carrier FDMA
  187. LTE- INTER/INTRA RAN Architecture Diagram
  188. The LTE Network Architecture A comprehensive tutorial
  190. LTE Advanced Network Architecture and Planning Principles
  191. LTE Signalling Troubleshooting and analysis with log samples
  192. lte Cyclic Prefix
  193. LTE-Traffic Area -Planning
  194. LTE Base System Testing Specifications by Anritsu
  195. LTE Basics
  196. LTE: Ecosystem Overview / Outlook
  197. [THESIS] capacity, coverage, frequency plan for LTE
  198. LTE Mobility enhancements : Qualcomm
  199. Signaling Procedures in LTE
  200. A Strong Year for LTE Adoption (white paper)
  201. Samsung LTE Course Materials
  202. Scfdma
  203. Looking forward beyond HSPA+
  204. Mobile Broadband: Practical standardisation & roadmap consideration
  205. CSFB and SMSoSGs
  206. Mobility Management states in LTE
  207. Lte document
  208. RACH process in LTE
  209. System Information blocks in LTE - MIB and SIB
  210. Cell Serch process in LTE
  211. MIMO & Smart Antennas for 3G & 4G Wireless Systems - Practical Considerations
  212. LTE-A PHY Layer Overview & Femto Design Challenges
  213. LTE-A SON for Femtocells
  216. LTE Inter-working with 3G/2G
  217. What's the difference of RFplanning between LTE and UMTS
  218. Concept of MIMO
  219. LTE Basics
  220. Award Solution - LTE Air Interface
  221. How to calculate Peak Data Rate in LTE
  222. Arq & harq
  223. R&S - LTE Cell Search and Selection
  224. 4G-Basics Introductions
  225. LTE measurement events
  226. Event A3 in LTE
  227. Intra LTE mobilty
  228. Introduction to LTE & Evolved Network Architecture
  230. LTE-RF-Network-Design-Guidelines
  231. LTE Network Capacity Coverage Estimation and Frequency
  232. Self Organizing_Network_SON_White_Paper
  233. LTE Physical Layer Overview
  234. 3GPP release 11:Understanding the Standards of HSPA+ and LTE-Advanced Enhancements
  235. LTE Basics
  236. Info about RBG, REG and Resource Allocation Types
  237. LTE Architecture Intoduction
  238. LTE in Bullets - sample topics
  239. RNTI ( Radio Network Temporary Identifier) in LTE
  240. Samsumg LTE eNodeB Overview
  241. Samsung LTE SON overview
  242. Control traffic overhead for VoIP over LTE
  244. IMS Protocol_Reference_Guide
  245. volte_background:ERICSSON
  246. Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA); Physical Channels and Modulation
  247. LTE channel Structure from samsung
  248. LTE Call processing and from Samsung
  249. LTE TA Planning
  250. NSN-LTE-Drive test